• 2016. Jun
  • 1h 54m


The most BIGBANG-like film,
[BIGBANG MADE] is reaching out to the fans.

In April 2015, after a three-year hiatus, the complete BIGBANG returned with the "MADE" world tour, leaving a profound resonance in the hearts of 1.5 million fans worldwide and concluding with a spectacular finale. The film chronicles the entire 340-day journey of the MADE world tour, from its inception to its conclusion, in an intimate documentary format.

The shining moments of BIGBANG—could it be when they are truly 'BIGBANG'? This film is a compilation of those fleeting moments, captured without any intentional settings. The camera vividly captures the natural faces of the members, resulting in frames that portray not only the artist group BIGBANG but also the pure images of the five young men.

"We all feel like we were born to become BIGBANG..." (from a member interview)

The film includes live footage from the [MADE] concert, behind-the-scenes stories of the concert and the making of the M, A, D, E albums, and even exclusive interviews that have never been revealed before. [BIGBANG MADE], the first film by BIGBANG celebrating their 10th debut anniversary, showcases everything about BIGBANG and more, presenting another significant creation.

The most BIGBANG-like film