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  • World’s leading
    Alternative content
  • From production to
    distribution, spanning exhibition
    to home entertainment
  • CJ 4DPLEX pioneers
    the expansion of film
    and event cinema
에스파 이미지.png
Apr 2024

aespa: WORLD TOUR in cinemas

NCT NATION_ To The World in Cinemas.jpeg
Dec 2023

NCT Nation: To the World in Cinemas

Coldplay_Music of the Spheres-Live at River Plate.jpg
Apr 2023

Coldplay: Music of the Spheres - Live at River Plate

BTS Yet to Come in Cinemas.png
Feb 2023

BTS: Yet to Come in Cinemas

Apr 2022

Seventeen Power of Love

Aug 2021

Blackpink: The Movie

Our one-stop
total solution

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Our one-stop
total solution

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Our one-stop
total solution

  • Production

    Collaborating with artists
    and labels throughout
    the entire pre to post-production
    process to create the most
    captivating film that
    fans can only hope for

  • Distribution

    Cooperating with an
    industry-leading network of
    local and international
    film distribution companies
    to distribute content worldwide

  • Exhibition

    Releasing across 5,800+ theaters
    and 128 countries alongside
    ScreenX, 4DX and Ultra4DX formats

  • Post-Release

    Maximizing fan engagement
    and release longevity via post-theatrical
    global releases in VOD,
    Streaming and Home Entertainment

We connect fans
around the globe
by turning cinema into
a must-experience event

  • 130+ Countries

  • 5,900+ Theaters


- Poster Release
- Press Release
- Multi-Channel Promotion

- Main Trailer Release
- Cinema Still Cuts
- Artist-Channel Collaboration

Ticket Sales
- Specialty Format Trailers
- Social Campaigns
- Cinema Cross-Promotions

Global Release
- Cross Industry (Music-Cinema) Traffic

Local events
- Offline screening events
- In-Theater Booths
- Give-aways and merchandise
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  • Announcement

  • Endorsement

  • Ticket Sales

  • Global Release

  • Local events